Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you for not Raping

Thank you father
for always loving me as your child,
as you should be, as I am

Thank you, to the boy I love
'cos you always treat me as the queen of your heart
as you always say, as you do

Thank you to the driver - of taxi, of auto
who drops me safely home
as he should be, as his duty is

Thank you to the neighbour
who took care of me well while parents were away
as he promised to, as he did

Thank you god, for all the times I was left alone
at home
at school
in bus
on road
or stranded among the strangers
at weddings
at stations
at parties
at work
Thank you, for not making me lost,
for the genuine kindness I encountered

Thank you to all on the other side of the wall
for letting me live and love this life
As I should be, as not every woman could

Thank you for not letting your power ravage my soul
Thank you for not maligning my spirit
Thank you for not breaking my trust
Thank you for not raping.


C R D said...

woaah! ru making a presumption that all males are potential rapists? :|

eS said...

Not really...this poem is more about being thankful because i am lucky till today.. actually i work in the field of human trafficking and everyday come across girls who are beaten, raped, sold and killed, not be some psychopath, but by their own fathers, brothers, lovers, uncles and people they know well and dont know well..all for no fault of theirs...girls as young as makes you lose trust in humanity, and make me feel incredibly lucky that none of the men in my life is/was of that m just conveying my gratefulness..I just pray there were more men of these kind...

C R D said...

ur in the business of what? :O

Shwetz said...

Hmmm..I dont know what exactly the work u do is... I am assuming you are used to seeing a lot of brutality... But the poem is slightly defeatist and seems to give out the message that you are thankful fr every time that you are nt molested or assaulted, when its ur right to live safely and its your right to expect that you are treated with the respect you deserve! Its not something you shud be grateful for! Liked the structure, just unsure of the tone!

eS said...

@ CRD - i mean i work 'against' human trafficking...m a criminologist..din't read my profile??

@ Shwetz - i do understand what you say, but as i have said up, seeing so much of brutality does break my faith sometimes and i just feel 'lucky' ... it's not much defeatist i guess...but more of satire..mocking today's society

Ram lal said...

Nice poem :) said...

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